Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Pair of Dancing Shoes and The Desperate Dancer

Once upon a time (*wenks!), there was a girl who wished to wear a pair of dancing shoes and dance like there's no tomorrow *sigh. I envy watching those dancers in the center stage dancing gracefully. I'm a girl with so many dreams *sigh, but I know some of them will just remain as a dream (hehe). 
photo: credit to the owner
Every time I watch ballet dancers, I always assumed I was one with them dancing. Although I know I have both left legs (*wenks! hehehe). When I was a kid I wanted to enroll in a ballet school or any dance school but...there's no ballet school in our province.
Yes! I can dance, since it's a requirement in our school (Elementary & high school days) to join in our School Foundation' Field Demo. Tadaaa!!!
  Forgive me if it's blurry, you know it's sooo vintage ^_*. Oh! Well...If I can't make it in the center stage, then maybe my kids can? hahaha Here it is...

Good Day Dearies! Just keep dreaming & may all you wish come true! :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Our Summer starts & ends HERE!

Our summer starts and ends at Tinuy-an Falls. Our first visit was together with our friends and our second visit was with our family.
Last Maundy thursday was our first visit together with our friends, we traveled as early as 4 in the morning to explore the beautiful places & attractions in Surigao del Sur. 
On our way to our first destination, we stop over first to Baywalk, Bislig since it's just along our way to Tinuy-an Falls. 
We are so amazed with their single motors, so it's a must to have a groupie with manong driver :)
Here we come Tinuy-an Falls....During our first visit with friends, there were lots of tourists who visited the place since it is holy week.
Tinuy-an Falls, one of the tourist destination found in Surigao del Sur. Tinuy-an Falls is located at Brgy. Burboanan, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur, a city known as "Booming City in the Bay". The Falls are 95m wide and 180 ft high, known to be as the little Niagara Falls in the Philippines and is said to be the widest falls in the Philippines.
First visit with friends
Second visit with family
 We got to experience to ride a raft and get closer to its cascades and get yourself a water massage and of course a selfie.

During our first ride on a raft, our kids were not allowed to ride with us but on our second visit kids were allowed to join with us.
First ride with friends, kids are not allowed
Second visit, kids allowed to join the ride

We all had a blast especially kids. Kids were really happy when they're allowed to join us in rafting & had a chance to water massage. Too bad we weren't able to climb to the first level of the falls.
You may want to check some of our photos, just click the linky here-> 1st Visit2nd Visit!
If you're planning to have a trip, here the Tinuy-an Falls Rates that will surely help you with your budgeting plans for your trip:

Entrance Fee - Php 50.00
Cottage Small - Php 200.00
Cottage Big - Php 300.00
Function Hall - Php 1,000.00
Life Jacket - Php 30.00 (whole day use)
Table with chair (4 chairs) - Php 100.00
Chair - Php 10.00
Umbrella Shed - Php 150.00
Gaket/Raft - Php 100.00 to Php 150.00
Parking Fee - Php 20.00
Room Rental - Php 1,800.00 good for 10 persons, if only 2 persons = Php 600.00 
Camp site - Php  100.00 ( for camper tourist who bring their own tents)

Have a Happy Day Dearies!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Missing Online dot Com

It's been one year and 5 months since my last post. Oh! Whaaat??? I've been offline for a year and half now!?! Really? I can't imagine that I can survive for a year and half without being online. Nahh! I'm just offline here (phinkymommyextension) but still updated in my facebook and instagram by the way hehehe. Wanna know what keeps me busy? In a way, I can't go online? What makes me decide to be updated again?
Well... It's a motherhood thing! Mommy duties and an office girl at the same time. Since my youngest baby boy need to attend to school, means I need to be a yaya for him and an office girl at the same time. Mommy yaya in the morning and office girl mommy yaya at the afternoon. Wew! Isn't it amazing!?! Isn't it surprising!?! Hahaha...It's quite difficult and tiring but yes I'm having much fun. Watching him bloom on his own from being so shy & the way he interact with his classmates from the start until the school year ends, and much more. 
Allow me to share some of my kiddos' school event. Here they are:

During first day of class
He got his first GOOD JOB! Though he is so shy to participate and join the whole class; but when saw me watching over him inside the room, he was forced to join hehehe. It took me a month or two, before I can leave him inside the classroom.  

First day wearing the complete uniform and had his new hair cut :)

During Buwan ng Wika
They have a dance presentation and he was assigned to carry the big Philippine Flag :)

During the 34th Founding Anniversary of their school
They also have a dance presentation

Educational Trip
They've visited D' Bone Collector Museum, collection of  bones from different animals owned by an American who can speak bisaya Mr. Darrell Blatchley.
At Science Discovery at SM Lanang Premier
And a lot more 'bout his activities inside and outside school. He develops a lot, from being shy kid to a very makulit kid and active. He learns more while having fun. He's so happy every time he got happy face or good job or double star from his teacher. And at the end of the year, it makes me one proud mom! He completed his first year in school with and without any complaints. ^_*

Have a great Day ahead of you Dearies! 


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